Reinstatement valuations & values

Reinstatement Valuations by a Specialist firm of Reinstatement Valuers

Rushton International is an specialist firm of RICS  Chartered Surveyor who specializes in the valuation of plant, equipment, machinery and building assets.

A reinstatement valuation for insurance purposes is the estimated cost of replacement for the buildings and site works as at a stated date, excluding any allowance for future inflation.

This basis of valuation will reflect the Day-One Replacement as New Cost for the property and the plant assets, defined as follows:-                                  

  • Where property is destroyed, its replacement in modern construction form to a condition equal to but not better or more extensive than its condition when new;


  • The repair of the damage and/or the restoration of the damaged portion of the property to a condition substantially the same as but not better or more extensive than its condition when new.


An opinion of value on the above basis is known as the declared day-one value to which insurers apply a loading factor to cover cost increases likely to occur during the period of reinstatement from the time of a total or serious partial loss.


The day-one approach to valuation is recognised for insurance purposes and may be adopted for use where replacement cost is the basis of cover.

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